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What is lateral recruitment day?

We know lateraling from another agency is a big decision - a family decision.  We want to make sure EDSO is a good fit for your family.  The purpose of the lateral recruitment day is to give you and your loved ones all the information you need to make an informed decision. We invite you and a significant other to join us for a discreet, casual, no-obligation orientation to our agency. 


The event begins with an introduction to our command staff. The Sheriff will explain the mission and vision of our agency.  You will hear from previous lateral deputies who were in your shoes not long ago including some who may have been to a previous lateral recruitment day.  You will hear from the EDSO Human Resources technician who will discuss retirement, benefits, and compensation.  Most importantly, you will be able to openly ask the questions that are important to you and get real answers from the best possible sources.

The day continues with a tour of our brand new public safety facility. We acquaint you with the function of each workspace and show you all the equipment and training you can look forward to. See what a typical day would look like for an EDSO deputy. 

Finally, we invite you to one of our county's local venues for lunch where you can build professional relationships with our staff who will continue helping you long after you've returned home. Sign up for a future invite now! We try to do these every spring and fall. We look forward to meeting you!

What do our laterals have to say?

"I lateraled to EDSO to raise my family in a better environment. Families are a big part of EDSO. What I found great was the collateral assignments. I became an FTO, bomb technician, search and rescue coordinator, UAS pilot, and explorer advisor. EDSO even adopted some of my proposals over the years." -Dep. Jared Melton

"I chose to lateral to EDSO because I was just a number at my last agency. Here, I have a voice and make a difference." -Det. Nick Cortez

"I lateraled to EDSO for the quality of life for my family and the working conditions. I was excited to join their OHV team. I was also surprised to see how well EDSO gets along with outside agencies." -Dep. George Madaryan

"I found that EDSO really valued my prior experience. I was able to build on my first twenty years, and was able to promote in under five years." -Sgt. Mike Seligsohn

"The main reason I chose to lateral to EDSO is that El Dorado County is a great place to raise a family." -Det. Ryan Carpenter

"Lateralling was risky, challenging, and ultimately the most rewarding experience. The leadership of EDSO has taken immaculate, unwavering care of my family during the best and worst of times." -Det. Andrew Peek

"I have friends in other agencies who don't like going to work. In today's climate, I'm extremely grateful to love my job and my agency." -Det. Chris Macres

"Lateralling to EDSO was one of the best career moves I've made. There are far more opportunities here than my previous agency. I am able to stand out and be recognized. The quality of life in the county is reflected in the people who work here." -Det. Andrew Gurrola

"This being my fourth agency, I have a pretty good idea what kind of agencies are out there. The culture, morale, philosophy, and principles at EDSO are in great balance. While many agencies are great, this one is near perfect." -Sgt. Corey Engelbrektson

"There's a reason so many deputies lateral to EDSO and almost never lateral away. Our deputies are happy, fulfilled, and proud to be here." -Sgt. Kevin Pebley

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