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in potential incentive pay!

Holiday Pay - 4 hours

Shift Differential - $.75/hour

Tahoe Differential - $92.30/pay period

Bilingual Pay - $40/pay period

Check out the MOU for more. Click here


Educational Incentive Pay:

  • 2% for AA/AS degree

  • 5% for BA/BS degree

  • 5% for MA/MS degree​​

Maximum accrual is 10% for education

POST Certificate Pay:

  • 6.5% of base pay for Intermediate POST Cert

  • 12.5% of base pay for Advanced POST Cert

Maximum accrual is 12.5% for Certificates

Specialty Assignments:

  • 5% on top of the above for specialty assignments such as detective, narcotics, and coroner detective and for collateral assignments (see below)


Base pay BEFORE incentives begins at:

$87,108 /year

$7,259 /month

$41.88 /hour

Top step BEFORE incentives is:

$105,888 /year

$8,824 /month

$50.91 /hour

To see the full salary schedule, click here.


Affordable Medical Coverage

  • Medical insurance packages include great benefits

  • Packages cover dental, vision, and prescription drugs

  • DSA members receive additional $170 bi-weekly to cover medical costs or cash out

To see a full listing of the benefits for this position, click here


CalPERS Retirement

  • El Dorado County participates in the CalPERS retirement system

  • New safety members earn 2.7% @ age 57

  • Classic members come in at 2% @ age 50

Don't forget, we also provide a deferred compensation plan to supplement your retirement. Also consider potential retirement pay if you promote to sergeant, lieutenant, or captain.

Deputy Sheriff

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to providing exceptional public service in alignment with Sheriff Leikauf’s Mission and Vision, taking a modern approach to traditional law enforcement values, fostering leadership and employee development, and remaining faithful and responsive to the communities we serve. Are you ready to join the best law enforcement agency in this state and possibly this country? Explore all the reasons why so many choose to be deputies at EDSO.

At EDSO, our deputies are given the opportunity to grow professionally and explore your interests. Collateral assignments are a way for you to be a full time deputy and participate in specialties that you perform on-duty or as overtime opportunities. Most deputies participate in two or three. Check out some of our collateral assignments available to you:

  • Canine Handler*

  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal

  • Homeless Outreach Team

  • Crisis Intervention Team

  • Crime Scene Investigations

  • Resident Deputy*

  • Dive/Swiftwater/Recovery Team

  • Office of Emergency Services

  • Search and Rescue

  • Honor Guard

  • SWAT

  • Psychiatric Emergency Response Team

  • Unmanned Aerial Systems

  • School Resource Officer

  • Gang Enforcement

  • Off-Highway Vehicles

  • Boats

  • Field Training Officer*

  • Rangemaster

  • Instructor (TASER, ACT, etc.)

* 5% Incentive pay

​The Position

There are two types of Deputy Sheriff applicants:

  1. Lateral applicants - Currently employed by another law enforcement agency as a sworn peace officer

  2. Academy Grad - Currently in, or recently completed a California POST academy

Click here to learn the two ways to become an EDSO deputy

  • Must be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident alien who is eligible for, and has applied for, citizenship

  • No felony convictions

  • Not on probation. (Misdemeanors may be disqualifying depending on the quantity, type of violation, and the date of the violation)

  • Vision: Subject to POST requirements

  • Valid Driver License

  • U.S. high school graduate or GED recipient

  • 21 years of age at time of application

  • Effective English oral and written communication skills

  • Successful completion of a comprehensive background investigation, computer voice stress analysis exam, Sheriff’s interview, psychological examination and complete medical examination

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office is continuously recruiting for lateral deputies and those currently enrolled in a California POST Academy, including intensive, extended and modular formats. If you are in an academy or planning to attend, we highly encourage you to apply at the beginning of your academy. Our hope is that you successfully complete the hiring process during the academy, graduate in our uniform, and become an EDSO Deputy upon graduation. At EDSO, deputies do not work in corrections.


You have experience and we like that. We also know that it is important that you learn about us discreetly. We designed this website with you in mind. If you are a current, sworn officer/deputy and are interested in learning more about our agency, we host a bi-annual (Spring/Fall) Lateral Recruitment Day. Peace officers from around the country come visit our facility, speak with the Sheriff, hear from our lateral deputies, and tour our facility and equipment. If that isn't reason enough to attend, we then show you the beauty of El Dorado County by hosting you at one of our local venues for lunch. Click on the button below to learn more about this event. 

If you are a peace officer in another state, we require that you are in process of the POST-waiver in order to proceed with the hiring process. Click here to learn about the waiver process. 

The Hiring Process

Step 1 - Application

Whether you are currently a Law Enforcement Officer, recently completed an academy, or currently enrolled, you are eligible for our Deputy Sheriff II recruitment. Complete and submit an online application for Deputy Sheriff II. Be sure to attach one of the following items of documentation with your submission:

  • POST Certificate, Or

  • California POST Waiver for Out of State Applicants, Or

  • California POST Re-Certification Course Letter with original California POST Certificate, Or

  • California POST Basic Law Enforcement Academy Certificate of Completion, Or

  • Letter of Good Standing and attendance confirmation from a California POST Certified Academy, Or

  • Copy of your POST Profile from the POST website showing you are currently working as a Law Enforcement Officer

POST Certificates are valid for three years past: a) POST Academy completion certificate date or b) Last date of employment as a Peace Officer in California c) date on the POST Waiver for out of state applicants

Out of state applicants must contact the California POST to inquire whether their training qualifies them for a California POST Certification waiver

CA Commission on Peace Officer Standards & Training

Address: 1601 Alhambra Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95816

Phone: (916) 227-3909 Fax: (916) 227-3895

Step 2 - App Review

If you meet the minimum qualifications for Deputy Sheriff II and you have one of the above items attached to your application, the Sheriff’s Personnel Unit will review your application and contact you via e-mail to complete a Pre-Investigative Questionnaire. Please complete this document honestly and in its entirety and return promptly. Failure to answer questions fully and honestly could lead to disqualification later in the background process. Applicants may be disqualified based on El Dorado County Personnel Rule 406 – Disqualification of Applicants. Failure to return this document in the given timeframe could lead to an automatic withdrawal from the recruitment.

Step 3 - Interview

The Sheriff’s Personnel Unit will give you directions on how to use the online self-scheduling feature to schedule yourself for an upcoming oral board interview. Once scheduled, you may not receive a reminder to appear at your scheduled interview. Please record the date and time of your exam when you schedule yourself. This is your responsibility.

Step 4 - Interview

Within five business days, you should be notified by email of your ranking. Those who are selected to begin the background investigation phase will be given a list of documents you will need to submit prior to the background process. This includes certified copies of your birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decrees, POST certificates, and many more. You can help expedite your background process by having gathered all of your official records ahead of time. Keep in mind that your official records may require weeks for government agencies and colleges to process.

Step 5 - Background Investigation

A Comprehensive background investigation is conducted. Save yourself time by being thorough and honest. Many of the delays and disqualifications are a result of omitting or minimizing incidents in your past. Some indiscretions are expected, however, dishonesty is never acceptable. If you question whether to include something, just include it.

Step 6 - CVSA

The Computerized Voice Stress Analysis (Truth Verification Exam) is administered by an investigator. You will be asked about information discovered in your background investigation. Be honest.

Step 7 - Review

The EDSO Chain of Command receives and reviews your background file. If your background investigation reveals no disqualifying issues, you will be scheduled for an interview with the Sheriff.

Step 8 - Interview/Medical/Psych

The Sheriff will discuss you as a person and expectations of employees. At the end, he may provide you with a conditional offer of employment. The conditions are that you successfully complete a psychological evaluation and medical/vision exam as per POST guidelines.

Step 9 - Final Steps

If you successfully completed these conditions, you will receive notice of your swearing in, start date, uniform information, and a date for your welcome ceremony!

Still have Questions?

Ready to

join EDSO?

Safety is priority one. We outfit our deputies with the best equipment and training. Take a look at some of the things to look forward to:

  • Colt M4 Carbine Rifle

  • Glock semi-automatic pistol

  • Ballistic Helmet

  • Ballistic Plate Carrier

  • Patrol Duty Gear

  • Danner boots with replacements

  • TASER, Baton, OC

  • Personalized soft armor

  • Riot Gear

  • Cold weather gear

  • Body Camera

  • Smart Phone

  • Fire turn-outs

  • Fire shelter

  • Radio & Earpiece

  • Tourniquet

  • Ballistic Shield

  • Remington Shotgun

  • Remington Less Lethal

  • In-Car Camera

  • Chevy Tahoe, Ford Explorer, and Ford Expedition vehicles

  • Mobile Data Terminals that link to smart phone

  • Uniform Allowance

Don't forget to check out our frequently asked questions to learn about our FTO program and other insights that are important to deputies. Also, make sure you browse the other pages on this site to learn more about living and working here!

  • Working here: all of the reasons people join EDSO

  • Living here: learn about our beautiful county and the benefits of rural living

  • Your family: learn about how your family is integrated into our agency as well

  • Veterans: all of the benefits afforded to our veterans in one location

The Academy

To become an un-affiliated academy recruit, you will need to complete the requirements.

Step 1 - Take the PELLET-B exam at any CA POST Academy. This is a basic reading/writing/math exam. Each academy sets their minimum score for entry. You will receive email or mailed proof of your score. You can re-take it every 31 days.

Step 2 - Take the Physical Abilities Test. This is a rigorous obstacle course which, again, varies by academy. There is a minimum time limit to complete the test.

Step 3 - Apply for any CA academy. Here is a list of academies to choose from. Note: many academies do all three steps in one day. The information on your application may be used to perform a background check.

Step 4 - Some academies will have an interview.

Step 5 - If successful, you will be accepted into an academy class as a non-affiliated recruit. You will receive a document stating you have been successful. Attach this document to your application for Deputy Sheriff I


Step 6 - They will schedule you for an orientation day in which you enroll in the associated community college and cover fees, uniforms, and equipment. 

Step 7 - You will begin the hiring process covered below. Successful candidates will continue through all steps and be given an offer of employment conditional on graduating the academy. Our goal is to have you graduate in uniform. You would be hired as our newest deputy sheriff and begin the field training program!

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