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Collateral Assignments

To see the full salary schedule, click here.

Deferred compensation program and tuition reimbursement also available

Retired Annuitant

If you are a retired peace officer and would like to join our boat team as a retired annuitant, CalPERS requires certain stipulations are met. There is a 180-day waiting period after retirement, a 960 hour/year limit, and more. Please click here to learn about the retired annuitant requirements. 


$39.74 - 48.31/hr

Extra Help Deputy Sheriff

Extra Help Deputy Sheriff - Boating Unit

Are you a CA POST certified peace officer or retired peace officer? Do you want to make some extra money while doing one of the best jobs in the world? Join EDSO's boating unit and patrol our waterways. From Placerville to S. Lake Tahoe, from rivers to lakes, from boats to personal water craft, we have the job for you!

The Best Job in Law Enforcement?

El Dorado County has over 100 square miles of lake surface and several hundred miles of navigable rivers. Every year, tens of thousands of people personally recreate and professionally work on these waters. Activities such as day cruises, dinner cruises, and commercial fishing bring vistors from all over the region to Lake Tahoe. Every year, thousands of boats launch at Folsom Lake Jenkinson Lake, and the lakes of the Crystal Basin. 

The boating unit is staffed with ten deputies and one sergeant. Their goal is to keep our waterways safe by enforcing laws, educating boaters, and responding to emergencies. In 2020, the boating unit issued 1,053 warnings and 562 citiations. They conducted 243 safety checks, provided help to 114 vessels, investigated 21 boating collisions, and participated in 16 search and rescue missions.  


The typical season for the boating unit is summertime. Working our waterways is rewarding and exciting. Climb aboard any one of our boats, rafts, and PWC and zip around our lakes and rivers. Take in the fresh air, sunshine, and work as others recreate. 

The Hiring Process

Step 1 - Application

It starts with an application. Please review all of the qualifications and minimum requirements listed on the job announcement. Complete and submit an online application and any other requested forms or questionnaires for this position. 

Step 2 - App Review

The Sheriff’s Personnel Unit will review your application to ensure you meet the minimum qualifications. If so, you may be invited to an interview.

Step 3 - Interview

The Sheriff’s Personnel Unit will give you directions on how to use the online self-scheduling feature to schedule yourself for an upcoming oral board interview. Once scheduled, you may not receive a reminder to appear at your scheduled interview. Please record the date and time of your exam when you schedule yourself. This is your responsibility. The interview will be a formal, panel style interview with at least three interviewers. There are resources online that can help you prepare for a standard interview. 

Step 4 - Pre-Background

Within five business days, you should be notified by email of your rank and/or eligibility to continue the hiring process. Those who are selected to begin the background investigation phase will be given a list of documents you will need to submit prior to the background process. This includes certified copies of your birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decrees, certificates, and many more. You can help expedite your background process by having gathering all of your official records. Keep in mind that your official records may require weeks for government agencies and colleges to process.

Step 5 - Background Investigation

A Comprehensive background investigation is conducted. Save yourself time by being thorough and honest. Many of the delays and disqualifications are a result of omitting or minimizing incidents in your past. Some indiscretions are expected, however, dishonesty is never acceptable.

You can prepare ahead of time for this step by gathering all personal documents like marriage certificates, sealed highschool and college transcripts, etc. and by gathering the full contact information for family, friends, co-workers, references, and former supervisors. 

Step 6 - Review

The EDSO Chain of Command receives and reviews your background file. If your background investigation reveals no disqualifying issues, you will be scheduled for an interview with the Sheriff.

Step 7 - Interview/ Drug Test

The Sheriff will discuss you as a person and expectations of employees. At the end, he may provide you with a conditional offer of employment. The conditions are that you successfully complete a drug test.

That's it!

Once all candidates have completed the process, a selection can be made. 

Still have Questions?

Ready to join EDSO?

Extra Help Deputy - Boating

As part of the OHV unit of the Operations Division, your service would be to the waterways of El Dorado County. Respond to a variety of calls for service, enforce civil and criminal laws, and educate the public on safe boating practices. Respond to emergencies and provide life-saving measures to those in need. 

Click here to read the full job description.

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